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Women in Film and Television Greece offer Kim Longinotto the WIFT GR Award for Lifelong Achievement and an honorary membership to WIFT GR. We honour the great documentarist for her contribution to the art of cinema, as well as her contribution to the fight against gendered violence and for the empowerment of women worldwide. Longinotto is recognizable for both her penetrating filmmaking and the choice of her topics, that focus on issues of gendered inequality, oppression and exploitation, through portraits of feminist resistance.  As an observational documentarist, she avoids intrusive techniques, putting forward the voice and presence of the women she films. Her often co-directorship collaborations, can also be interpreted as a feminist practice.

SeetheonlineinterviewofKimLonginottotoReaWalldén, president of WIFT GR, on the 21st November 2021, on the occasion of the award.

The interview was screened in the opening night of the 5thWIFT GR “50/50 Equality in Cinema” Film Festival, on the 24th of November 2021, at the Greek Film Archive.

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