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The 5th WIFT GR FESTIVAL was completed!


Artistic Direction and Programming: Rea Walldén, WIFT GR

Program Advisors: Antoinetta Angelidi, Lena Rammou

General Coordination: Rea Walldén, Phaedra Papadopoulou

Programme Coordination: Lina Koliou, Kiki Konstantinidou, PhaedraPapadopoulou, EffieSkrobola

Websites and Social Media Management: Ioanna H. Pipides

Digital Film Trafficking, Format Check, and File Conversion: TasosAdamopoulos

Coordination and Chairing of Round-Table Discussion and Longinotto Masterclass: Rea Walldén

Coordination and Production of Zoom Webinar: Eliza Soroga, Lydia Tranta

Communication and Publicity Manager – Greek Film Archive: EvannaVenardou

Communication and Publicity Manager – WIFT GR: Eva Skrobola

Text Writing and Translation: IoannaVakali

Assistants Text Writing and Translation: Adamantia Loupatatzi, Stella Piperaki

Text Editing: Rea Walldén

Photo archive: Ilektra-ErrikaChaidouli

Translation/Subtitling: “NEANIKO PLANO – SUBTITLES”

Poster and Design: Andreas Remountis

Radio Spot: Music Composition & Production, Voice, Sound Mixing: Anna Stereopoulou

Video Spot: Director: Katerina Evaggelakou / Screen Writer: ManinaZouboulaki / Production: Maria Chatzigianni / Actresses: Galini Tseva, Melina Spetsieri / Cinematography-Editing: Markellos Plakitsis / Make-Up Artist: Dimitra Tsitse

Production and Video Recording or Opening Night: Soultana Tatiana Koumoutsi

Photo Shoot of Opening Night: Maria Andronikou, KorinaManolopoulou, OuraniaCharmanidi

Accounts Department Greek Film Archive: Vassilis Bibas

Accounts Department WIFT GR: Marina Stylianou

Legal Assistance WIFT GR: ArhondoulaPapapanagiotou


Our heart-felt thanks to Kim Longinotto for her films, the masterclass and the excellent collaboration!

We wish to thank the directors who offered pro bono their films to our Festival: RinioDragasaki, Alexandra Mathaiou, KetiPapadema, VaggelioSoumeli, Eva Stefani, FYTA, Maria Hatzakou, Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, Florence Ayisi, JujaDobrachkous, Claire Hunt, KaltrinaKrasniqi, Ziba Mir-Hosseini.

We also wish to thank: SoyoGiaoui, Merricat, La Cellule Productions, Marie Lamboeuf, Louise Roussel, This is the Girl Productions, Amie Williams, Women Make Movies, Sofia Anastasiou, EvridikiAntzoulatou, ViclyAntonopoulou, Fil Ieropoulos, Dimitris Kerkinos, IliasKtistakis, FeniaKossovitsa, Christina Liapi, Amanda Livanou, Katerina Bartzoka, Yorgos Rachmatoulin, SavvasStavrou, Lena Rammou.

Our warm thanks to Thessaloniki International Film Festival for the collaboration.

We also thank our partners: Collectif 50⁄50, Global Girl Media Greece, the Centre for the Research on Women’s Issues “Diotima”, the Women’s Rights Association “To Mov”, and the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research.

Many thanks to Andreas Remountis for the poster creation, Anna Stereopoulou for the radio spot creation, Katerina Evangelakou for directing the video spot, as well as to all the friends of WIFT GR, who offered their work for its realization. Our thanks to Athénée, The King’s Clothes and for making possible the production of the video spot.

Last but not least, we thank the members of WIFT GR and the volunteers; nothing would have been accomplished without you!

Under the auspices and with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport. Under the auspices of the Hellenic General Secretariat for Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality.

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