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Sofia Kikilintzia is a greek actress and teacher. She has worked with numerous teachers and directors in Greece and abroad. She has been trained in different acting methods like Chekov, Meisner, and Suzuki.

Her technique includes different tools from different areas, focused on speech and body, like physical theatre, dance, music and martial arts.

She has attended seminars with: Kostas Filippoglou, Akyllas Karazisis, Simos Kakala, Kimon Fioretos, Nikos Karathanos, Michael Marmarinos, Sillas Tzoumerka, Jacqueline Lentzou, George Zois, Angelos Frantzis and others.

She has directed “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” at the Kefallinia Street Theatre, in a group production with Stavroula Kontopoulou and Zoe Mylonas. As an actor she has performed in the performances “Cock” at the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus directed by Kostas Silvestros, as well as in “Antigone” in the role of Antigone directed by Lefteris Yovanidis, in “Pope Joanna” directed by Dimitrios Mavrikios, and has also collaborated with the theatre group Cygnet based in France.

In the cinema she has appeared in several short and feature films in Greece and France such as: “Panida” by Stratoula Theodoratou, “Man of God” by Yelena Popovic, “La Vendetta” by Anne-Flore Nachon, “One step closer” by Junyi Zhu, “Benedicte” by Eleni Mitsanga, “Laboratory” by Yelena Popovic, “Laboratory Dilemmas Lab” by Giorgos Drivas for the Venice Biennale, “The Magic Skin” by Konstantinos Samaras, etc.

In Television she has starred in the greek series “Pantheoi” for SkaiTv in Greece, as well as the new mini series by the director Manousos Manousakis for Ert1.

She is fluent in Greek, English and French. Now she is working between Athens and Paris.