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Natasha stands as a distinguished costume designer and stylist, having lent her creative touch to award winning films, tv series and over 500 TV commercials

Natasha’s portfolio reflects a dynamic blend of creativity and expertise, highlighted by collaborations alongside directors like Primetine Emmy award winner Cary Joji Fukunaga , acclaimed and awarded  commercial directors  Ali Ali and Tom Kuntz, also Yorgos Lanthimos, Gary Scott.   Her collaborative journey extends to Hollywood, where she worked on feature films starring the legendary Dennis Hopper.

Noteworthy accolades include her association with Oscar nominated producer Michael Stevens, (Thin Red Line) as well as DoP Darius Kondji.

With nearly two decades of experience across Europe and the USA, Natasa now sets her sights on fresh and promising horizons, aiming to bring her artistic vision to new and productive markets.