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Sofia Dimopoulou is an accomplished professional with an MBA in Theatrical Arts from the National University of Athens. With over two decades of experience as a casting director and four years as a producer, she has significantly contributed to the film industry in Greece . Notably, Sofia has successfully produced two short films, “Gum Cigarette” by Angelika Katsa and “The Last Setting of Sun” by Asteris Tziolas. Additionally, she served as a co-producer and caster for “The Last Taxi Driver” by Stergios Paschos, a film which awarded in Thessaloniki’s recent film festival with the award for the main protagonist- best actor award.

Her extensive career as a casting director includes collaborations with renowned directors like Aggelos Frantzis, Menelaos Karamaghiolis, Elina Psikou, Nelly Reguera, Cédric Jimenez, Umberto Pasolini, Simone Stock, Barbara Eder both in Greece and internationally. Sofia’s commitment to fostering emerging talent is evident in her collaboration with young Greek directors through her company, Ready2Cast, co-owned with Fragiskos Xidianos. This initiative reflects her dedication to nurturing and providing opportunities for the next generation of filmmakers.

Sofia Dimopoulou is an esteemed member of the Hellenic Film Academy, the International Casting Directors Association, and a collaborator of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Her multifaceted role in the industry showcases not only her professional acumen but also her commitment to advancing the field and supporting emerging talent in Greek cinema.