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12/2018                  Composer for the original music of the series of documentaries

” Vioi Paralliloi” for ERT,

written and produced by Alexandros Kakavas

06/2018                  Composer for the original score for the short film 

                                ”Home Sweet Home” directed by Romell-Foster-Owens

07/2017                  Composer for the original score of the feature ‘The Lonesome Trail”

                                 directed & written by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

02/2017                  Composer for the original score for the short film

                                “Top Kapi” written and  directed by Spyros Vrettos

07/2016                   Composer for the original music for the documentary

                                 ”Mnimes Xaras” for ERT 

                                  directed by Dimitris Sofianopoulos 

                                  written and produced by Alexandros Kakavas

01/2016                   Composer for the original score of the film “Slow Fade to Autumn” 

                                  directed by Marie Elizabeth Tang.

11/2015                   Composer for the PSA for  for Macular

                                  Degeneration Partnership produced by Women in Film/LA

05/2015                   Composer for the original soundtrack of the feature

                                  “The Wonderful -2” directed by Spyros Vrettos

11/2014                    Composer for the original soundtrack of the documentary

                                 “The 3rd Era  Medicine: Reading the DNA Music of Life” 

                                   directed by Tamika Lamisson

01/2014                    Composer for the trailer & additional original music for

                                   the soundtrack of the feature “The Wish” Westcoast productions

05/2013                    Composer of the original music for the theatrical play 

                                   “Sexperience” directed by Katerina Daskalaki

10/2010                     Composer of the soundtrack of  the Greek feature 

                                    “Padahothen Eleftheroi” (Free from Everything)

10/2004 –10/2009  “Orchestra of Colors” Manos Hadjidakis”. 

                                      Communication & Promotion Manager

12/2000 – 7/2003     “Pi Ar” Company, sponsorship & public relations,

                                       for cultural events and concerts.

9/1998 – 7/2003       “Orchestra of Colours” Manos Hadjidakis, public relations.

10/1999 – 5/2000    “Technopolis, Cultural Organization of Municipality of Athens”,

                                      event management.

10/1999 – today       Professor of piano & music theory .


 ALBA                                  (Athens Laboratory of Business Administration) 

                                              Master in Business Administration

PANTEION UNIVERSITY   BSc in Mass Media & Communication    

                                            Faculty of Communication and Art Management.

Diploma in Fugue & Orchestration with high distinction.

Masterclass in piano at “Sommerakaremie Mozarteum” Salzburg, Austria.

Diploma in Piano with high distinction

Diploma in Counterpoint with high distinction

Diploma  in Harmony with high distinction


Film Scoring & Arrangement at Nakas Conservatory 

Certificate in “Music Composition for the Theatre and Cinema”.

Certificate in “Music Technology & Sound Engineering”

Vocal studies and Cello at Nakas Conservatory



Greek Native Language, English Fluent, Italian Fluent, French Elementary