Larissa Vergou is an actress. She was born in Amsterdam and is a graduate of the Fotiades Drama School. She has worked in organizing cultural events both in Greece and abroad. She has also worked in public relations for band concerts. She is currently an Elected Official of the First District of the City of Athens and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the City of Athens. She has worked as an actress in theatre, film and television since 1996. Some of her parts include the following: 2015-2016. On the set of the feauture film "Polixeni" directed by Dora Masklavanou. In 2013, she participated in “ Matriarchy - The Movie”, N.Kornilios that premiered at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival-November 2014. In 2013 she also played in "Happy Days In Grey Gardens" a performance inspired by Samuel Beckett's "Happy Days" and the documentary film of Maysles brothers "Grey Gardens". Dir.Katia Goulioni. In 2012, she played in “The complacent spectator” by Fabrice Melquiot, dir. by Ellie Papakonstantinou at the French theatre festival at the Mihalis Kakogiannis Foundation, in 2011 she played at the production of “Post-one Performance for the destruction of the world”, dir. by Ellie Papakonstantinou at the Vyrsodepsion theatre (this production took part in the first international theatre festival in Kurdistan in North Iraq). One of her first parts was as a member of the chorus in “Prometheus” by Aeschylus, dir. by N. Tsakiroglou which toured at the Art Theatre-West End in London, at the Royal Theatre of Music in Manchester and at the island of Makronisos. In 1998, she played the part of Lisa in Dostoyefski’s “The basement” dir. by Tsagas.