COMING SOON   12 Pafou St.   Αthens,   151 25 Tel / Fax    +30 210 6100126,  6972070975 e-mail:     Katerina Evangelakou has worked since 1986 as a writer, director and producer both for cinema and television. Her filmography includes a large number of  documentaries about science, politics, children, art and culture, as well as three award-winning movies : Jaguar (1996), Think it over (2002) and False Alarm (2006). She has also been a lecturer on Film Direction for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Film Studies Department. She has collaborated with several production companies, museums, institutes and organizations and she is the author of the book The unsmiling queen and the angry arrow (POLIS ed.). 2011-2013 President of  the board of the Hellenic Film Academy (HFA). 2014 Acting Managing Director and member of the Board of Public Greek Television (NERIT)         DOCUMENTARIES- production/direction     2017             "TA SINORA TIS ELLADOS"  doc series (9 ep.), COSMOTE tv   2016-17       "EKPA 180 years" doc, National University of Athens 2013-14       ELEPAP three documentaries for the ceremony “ELEPAP 75 years” (30 min)   “A JOUNEY AT  60’s”  a documentary about paidiatrics (25 min.)   "JOURNEYS OF 2π" video for kids, Action Aid (11 min)   2011             REQUIEM FOR A MERCHANT 3 min. super 8 film, for Goethe Institute’s «Hand Over Cinema» (September 2011)   2009             FROM THE INFINITE SMALL TO THE INFINITE LARGE scientific documentary with university Professor George Grammatikakis Prod.: Bodosakis Foundation awards: Jury’s citation, and the Greek Film Center award at the 5th International Science Film Festival Participation in the 1st Chicago Film Festival – October 2011   NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS – a restive traveller animation - creative documentary for children for Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, Heraclion, Crete Participation in the 1st Chicago Film Festival – October 2011   2003-2007   ΜΟRΜO creative documentary series (40 episodes) for the Greek Intercultural and Migration Studies, University of Crete   2002       A TOWN ON ITS KNEES sound design for Michel Phais’ photo exhibition   CHERNOBYL, a futuristic account videos and documentary at Anna Vagena’s Performance for Cultural Olympics   1999       ECO-SYSTEMS of the North Aegean Islands four 5 min. ecological documentaries   COLUMNS, SHADOWS, COINCIDENCE video art in collaboration with the Museum of Cycladic Art, for the artist Opi Zouni   1998      CON FUOCO thirteen 10 min. documentaries for the Greek National Television Channel (ET-1)   1997      COME TO THE MAGIC OF BOOKS fourteen creative advertising spots for MEGA CHANNEL in collaboration with the National Book Centre   1996       CULTURE AS A MEANS OF SOCIAL INCLUSION documentary for the Educative Series of the Greek Ministry of Culture   1995       SRINGS IN CINEMA, documentary for the Violin Festival   GRIGORIS GRIGORIOU documentary for the series of the Greek Ministry of Culture for the 100 Years of Cinema   1992       ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND ITS APPLICATION IN PAINITNG documentary for the WWF         CINEMA  - direction/script/editing   2015       MAGIC MIRROR   feature film - editing, production BLACK ORANGE   2013-16 U N I N V I T E D feature film Work in progress   2006       FALSE ALARM    (ORES KINIS ISIXIAS) Awards: Best Actor in supporting role, at the 47th Thessaloniki Film Festival   2002       THINK IT OVER    (THA TO METANIOSEIS) awards:  Best Film,  Best Direction,  Best Screenplay,  Best Actress in leading role Best Actress in supporting role, Best Make Up, at the 43th Thessaloniki Film Festival In addition:  audience awards, Best Actor in leading role at the International Department of Thessaloniki Film Festival, and the Hellenic Assosiation of Film Critics award   1996       JAGUAR  (IAGOYAROS) awards:  Best Screenplay, Best Actress in leading role, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing at the  45th Thessaloniki Film Festival,  plus the  Quality Award by the Greek Ministry   1991       MRS  MIKA  (KIRIA MIKA) short length film awards: second prize for short length film at Thessaloniki Film Festival, plus the Quality Award by the Greek Ministry of Culture   1980       ΟLGA  short length film made for degree dissertation awards:  Quality Award by the Greek Ministry of Culture         TELEVISION- direction   2013             MARO DOUCA, documentary, Paraskinio, ET-1                        DIOHANDE,   documentary, Paraskinio, ET-1   2012             LEDA PAPAKONSTANTINOU, documentary, Paraskinio, ET-1                        NIKOS  K.  ALIVIZATOS,   documentary, Paraskinio, ET-1   2010-2011    KIVOTOS.GR – Dromeis tis Athinas (The runners of Athens), documentary, ΕΤ-1 (Μarch 2011)   FILES TIS ATHINAS (Races in Athens) – Georgians, documentary, ΝΕΤ (Μarch 2011)   KIVOTOS.GR – Vivliothiki tis Verias (The library of Veria), documentary, ΕΤ-1 (Μarch 2011)   PARASKINIO (Backstage) – Ziranna Zateli  documentary, ΕΤ-1 (Νοvember 2010) Participation in the 1st Chicago Film Festival – October 2011   2005-2009            HOTEL ΤRΙΤOΝ, forty 50 min. episodes, ΕΤ-1 EMIS I ELLINES (We the Greeks), six 50 min. episodes Μicrodocumentaries – VΟLΟS,  ΝΕΤ   1996                       Three advertising spots for the National Book Center of Greece Four short length films for the anniversary of Kalamata’s earthquake   1985 - 2011          PARASKINIO (Backstage), forty-two episodes, ΕΤ-1 O KIPOS VLEPI (The garden can see), art film, collage for Odisseas Elitis, ET-2 GREEK MUSICAL TRADITION – Μacedonia, two 50 min. documentaries, ΕΤ-2     VISUAL PROJECTS   2010 - 11               SELECTED WORKS – 2011, Installation, Work In Progress   ΕXPO 2010, SHANGHAI, The Greek Pavilion   Direction of film for Agora and direction of several advertising spots   2002                                      Gallery “24”   THE CITY ON THE KNEES  ( sound installation ) Anna Vagena Theatre   CHERNOBIL a chronicle about future (video doc.) 1999                       Museum of Cycladic Art,   OPY ZOUNI   LIGHT, SHADOW, COINCIDENCES (Video art)     THEATRE   2014                     FANEROMENES written by Roula Georgakopoulou, THEATRO TEHNIS (January, 2014)   2013                     FANEROMENI  written by Roula Georgakopoulou, National Theatre (May 2013) a performative   2011                       CONVERSATIONS WITH THE LIGHT a performative conversation between art and science with George Grammatikakis (professor), David Lynch (musician) and Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (musician) (Megaron Athens Concert Hall and Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organisation)   REASON – REPOSTE – DIALOGUE conversation-performance with Dimitris Maronitis, Nikos Xidakis (musician), Reni Pittaki (actress), Stefania Goulioti (actress) and Yannis Tsortekis (actor) (Megaron Athens Concert Hall)   2003 - 2004          Direction of  ”DRESSING UP”, a theatrical monologue for the Cultural Olympics (Οctober 2003)     TEACHING - NOVEL   2013                       Author  of film-making group, Athener Schule - Primary School. Production of "The adventure of Nikos" short film.   2012                       Organization of the Hellenic Film Academy’s two days seminar, RIDING THE GREEK WAVE (Onassis Cultural Center, September 2012)   Organization of the Hellenic Film Academy’s four days seminar, FILM FACTORY (Athens School of Fine Art, December 2012)     2011                       Organization of the Hellenic Film Academy’s seminar, DIGITAL EXPERIENCE AND PROSPECTS (Onassis Cultural Center, May 2011)   Tutor in film direction seminar, organised by the Cinema magazine.   2005 - 2007          Lecturer on film direction at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Film Studies Department   2003 - 2004          Film line up Consultant for «Melina Merkouri» cinema   2002                       Author of the children’s book The unsmiling queen and the angry arrow illustrated by Denis Lhomme, published by POLIS (Οctober 2002)   2001                       Tutor in script writing seminar for the Cyprus Cinematography Center     CO-OPERATIONS   Ministry of development • Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism ΝΕΤ • ΕΡΤ • ERT WORLD • SKY • MEGA • WWF • Greek Film Center Nikos Kazantzakis Museum • Cycladic Art Musem • Sigri Museum • Bodosakis Foundation Megaron Athens Concert Hall • Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organisation • University of Crete University of North Aegean • GOETHE Institute • National Book Center of Greece POLIS publishing house • Metaxourgeio Theatre • Cultural Olympics
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CL productions • CINETIC • Prosegishi-P. Papadopoulos     MEMBERSHIPS   2011-                     Founding member & President of the board of the Hellenic Film Academy 2009-11                 Member of the Greek Film Directors and Producers board