Studies: M.A in Sociology (Sorbonne).Cinema courses (Vincennes). Advertising and Marketing (Ecole Supérieure de Publicité). Seminars and Workshops for screen writing, Script Craft e.c’s Media Scale Program (Athens – Dublin). Seminars for screen writing and script editing,- John Truby - “South by southwest “media II Program of the European Union (Athens - Rome). Work Experience: Executive –Ageurop L.T.D, Paris. Executive Marketing - L’ OREAL, Athens. General Director - Αgeurop – Athens LTD. Since 1985 Screenwriter of Feature films, T.V.series, T.V.films. Screenplay activities: 4 TV series (“No Flash” - ETI, “The Red Moon”- Mega, “Betrayed”- Mega) “Taxim -ET1”) , 12 ΤV films (ET1- Mega-Antenna- Alpha), “Eugenia’s Bicycle”, feature film, developed with thesupport of European Script Fund . Script editing : “The Braves of Samothrace”, feature film, directed by Stamatis Tsarouhas. “Summer love” ,“Tambakoi”, Short films. Other activities: General Secretary - President of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece. Member of the Cinematography Council, Greek Ministry of Culture. Collaborator of the Greek Film Center- Script editing. Founding member, President and Vice-President of the Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe (F.S.E) . Member of the Steering Committee of the International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD). Juror :Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Competition for television drama - U.S.A . Award: Original script for TV Drama for the year 2001. Languages: French, English.