Danai Anagnostou is an art director & independent researcher (b.Athens, 1993). She is a graduate of Hellenic Film & Television School Stavrakros and has an MA from Vakalo College of Art & Design. She is currently enrolled in an MA programme in Visual Cultures, Curating & Contemporary Art, living in Helsinki and working as a teaching assistant in Aalto University. Danai is dreaming of facilitating an intersectional feminist, anti-racist and public education programme for young professionals.


  • Inherent Domesticity: Gendered Labour & Practices Below the Line, ViCCA Journal  #4, 2018
  • Common Ostrich, ;paranoia publishing group ltd, 2018
  • With whom can one “Smash Patriarchy”, CuMMA Disputes #3, 2017
  • Hotels & Motels as Key Locations in Film, MA Thesis, Vakalo College of Art & Design, 2016


  • When the Boss Leaves: The Afterlife of Abandoned Industrial SpacesEnvironmental Ethics in our Time Summer School, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2018
  • The case of Movement HotelTrojan Horse Summer School, Bengtsår, Finland, 2018
  • Employment Fluctuations, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Selected Filmography:

  • The Forest, Production Designer, 2017
  • Whale 52, Costume Designer, 2016
  • Chuckwalla, Production Designer, 2015
  • Penal Colony, Costume Designer, 2014
  • 300, Production Designer, 2014
  • Joanna, Production Designer, 2015